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Google AdSense Program Attributes
Channels, Targeting, and Placement

Here is a summary regarding AdSense channels, site targeting, and ad placement in the Google Ad Words/ AdSense PPC and CPM programs.

Many times I get confused about all the AdSense program attributes. So I have started an "Adsense Options Chart". I hope you like it.

1. Adsense Channels

4. Certified Ad Networks

2. AdWords Ad Targeting

5. Conclusions

3. AdSense Ad Placement

6. Archival information

Vaughn's Summaries

SEO Optimization
Google Summaries

AdSense Targeting Diagram
AdWords-AdSense Diagram
Google AdSense Penalties
Google AdSense Stop Words
Google AdSense Targeting

Google AdSense Tips

Google Certified Ad Networks
Google Heat Map 2
Google Ranking Factors
Google Top-Paying AdWords
Google Webmaster Forums

The "Content Network" has been renamed the "Display Network".
The "Display Network" = The "Publisher's Network".






1. Adsense Channels


AdSense for Content - 8434 - Channel Summary

Custom Channels
- 9869

- by page
- by ad type
- by placement
Ad Placement (CPM)
Ad Placement allows advertisers to target your site, or your page with CPM ads.

Paste channel code into each page manually.


URL Channels
- 13993

Track Channel groups
- by single page
- by multiple pages
- by specific directory
- by specific sub domain
- all pages on a domain

Automatic, once set up.

AdSense for Search - 144 - Channel Summary

Custom Channels

- by page
- by placement

Paste channel code into each page manually.


AdSense for Feeds - 20012 - Channel Summary

Custom Channels

- by ???

Automatic, once set up.
I tried this once. I got 800 ads served for ONE PAGE VIEW - 4 ads for each of 200 pages. INSANE!
Do this if you ever need to cut your CTR to zero.

From this, one might say that AdSense offers 1,500 channels total, although for different purposes.

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How Does Google Target Ads to My Website - 9713
2. Contextual Targeting
3. Placement Targeting
4. CANs Targeting

2. AdWords Contextual Ad Targeting (CPM, PPC)

CPM (clicks pay nothing)

Placement Targeting
(formerly "Site Targeting")
Using Custom Channels

What Is "Placement" Targeting? - 18265
Placement Targeting Overview --- 342
Finding & Selecting Placements - 7075
Placements and Keywords ------ 13177
Place. and the Content Network - 15053
CPM Pricing for Placements --- 13175
CPC Pricing for Placements --- 13176
Demographic Bidding ----------- 13665

NOW: Advertiser targets CPM ads to URL (site) level, not page level
Needed for sites with diverse content: Advertiser targets CPC ads to PAGE level. This is another reason why PPC ads are superior to CPM ads.

107914 -
What's a Placement?
15907 -
Managing Placements
15910 -
Adding and Editing Placem.
15912 -
Place, Kwords and Settings
15907 -
Display.Net. Placements
16066 -
Focus on Impressions
16787 -
Focus on Clicks

Keyword Targeting
- 6100

Advertisers can target websites by keywords, OR
Advertisers can target geographic areas and languages, but not both.

Geo Targeting
- 6317


Search Network
- 6119

All the places where your AdWords ads will be displayed on the Google Search Sites Network, and the Google Content Sites Display Network..

Content Network
Display Network
- 117120

Advertisers may "opt out" of the Display Network. (formerly the Content Network)
Many do because of click fraud, either real or perceived.
Opting Out of the Display Network - 99478

CPC Targeting

"CPC bidding has often been requested by advertisers who would like to utilize site targeting, but are not comfortable bidding on a CPM basis." These are advertisers who wish to avoid risk.

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320 - 768


3. AdSense Placement Targeting - (formerly "Site Targeting")

CPM (clicks pay nothing)

Placement Targeting
(formerly "Site Targeting")

Adsense - What Is Placement Targeting? - 32856
Adsense - What Is Placement Targeted Advertising? - 18195

Ad Placement

What is Ad Placement? - 50677
What's an Ad Placement. How do I create one? - 160534
How Do Publisher-Defined Ad Placements Work? - 77776
How Can I Make A Custom Channel Into An Ad Placement? - 47413

Custom Channels

The publisher makes ads site targetable by CPM advertisers, using Custom Channels.

Third-Party Ads

which STILL appear to
be different from the
CANs listed below

Which Vendors Are Certified for Third-Party Ads? - 94149
Introducing Third-Party Ads - Image Only
--- You MUST opt-in to image ads - 9741
--- You MUST
enable placement targeting -
--- You MUST
opt in to placement targeting - 32856
--- You MUST
update your Privacy Policy - 100557
Third-Party Ad FAQs - 14535
Third-Party Ads Basics - 19439
Expandable Ads - 19440
Google Certified Networks - 23494

How to Disable Third-Party Ads On My Site - 94152


PPC Site Targeting
PPC Page Targeting

I cannot find any information on how this works.
It has been mentioned, but not defined.
Are the targeted PPC ads distinguishable from regular PPC ads?
Must they compete with regular PPC ads, or are they given priority?
Do targeted PPC ads pay MORE or LESS than regular PPC ads?
Is page targeting available?

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560 - 768

4. Google Certified Ad Networks Targeting

CPM (clicks pay nothing)

Third Party Networks

Google AdSense Certified Ad Networks - 23494, also HERE
ALL Google CAN ads are image only.
ALL Google CAN ads are CPM only.

This area is growing fast - many CANs" have been added, and continue to be added. These 3rd-party entities compete in the AdWords auction, to be served on the AdSense content display network.

Allowing and Blocking Google Certified Ad Networks - 191270



CPM Ads Are Not the Best Choice for Publishers
Targeting and Placement refer to CPM ads only. In my personal opinion, CPM ads are best only if your CPC performance is incredibly poor, AND your traffic is extremely high.

One problem is that all the Site Placement discussion relates to specific pages, but the advertiser can only target at the site level. If your site consists of many diverse subjects (this site), this is a poor option, since the ads will all be targeted to the content of just one page.

For the average small to medium-size web site, CPC should provide a MUCH higher revenue than CPM ads, by a factor of 10. I was "Site Targeted" for a short time, at a rate of many impressions per penny. The eCPM was abysmal. I emailed Adsense, and had site-targeting turned off on my sites. I don't know what the formula is, but somehow the CPM ads were reducing my CTR and eCPM stats - not acceptable to me. Why settle for an eCPM of $2 with CPM, when you can achieve an eCPM of $20 $8 or more with CPC ads? I just don't get it.

All the talk about "reducing advertiser cost", is the same thing as reducing the publisher payout. CPM rates need to go up quite a bit, to produce the same publisher income that CPC currently does.

Here is Google's take on CPC vs. CPM -
How do CPC and CPM ads compete with each other? - 113233
To me, the discussion is total nonsense. Can YOU understand it?
In the SAME column, "Max Bid", CPC bids (per click) are conflated with CPM bids (per thousand impressions). This is obfuscation, pure and simple.
"QS" is not even defined (Quality Score-?.
Example #2 doesn't even show ads #2 and #3.
Example #2 is identical to Example #1, except for the inflated eCPM of $10 in line #5.
Checking on Google, average CPM ads are far closer to $1, than $10.

Per 1000 Pages
Ad Type
Earn per View
$ 1
$0.44 bid
3 %
$ 9
$0.44 x .68 = $0.30
$0.30 x 30 = $9.00
Would you rather have $1.00, or $9.00?
In addition, many of my ads pay OVER $1.00 (bid=$1.47).

The Bottom Line

To maximize revenue, I choose to use PPC ads only.
This means -
--- NO IMAGE ADS (all are CPM)

I made this Adsense targeting page to save myself some time,
and help me to understand the differences between the Google Adsense options.
It is a lot of convoluted data to absorb.

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The Google AdSense Spectrum
The Publisher Network
AKA The Display Network - Formerly The Content Network

Image Ads
Ad Targeting

Text Ads

YES, cheap ads
Most Ads

Image Ads

Most Image Ads

Third Party Ads

All Image Ads - All CPM

Ad Placement


Ad Targeting


Contextual Targeting


Placement Targeting


Low Paying Ads
High Paying Ads

Archival Information
Site Targeting - "Referrals"

PPA Jensense on PPA

- " ... publishers can choose specific pay-per-action ads that are relevant to their site to run in new ad units that they create."
Publishers can SELECT a single ad, a group of ads, or a keyword.

Adsense now accepting applications for new referrals beta
The publisher targets PPA ads to SITE level.
The publisher CANNOT target PPA ads to URL (page) level.
Bad for sites that have multiple subjects - not everyone is in a "niche".

Because the PPA option is NOT contextual, the program policies are different -
You CAN draw attention to the ads, but
You still CANNOT tell people to click on your ads!

PPA Ads - The Newest Google Adsense Alternative - Cancelled August 2008
Now we have PPA - a new ball game. At first blush, this looks very positive. But elsewhere, there have been problems with PPC in the past, with publishers being denied commissions, through cookie manipulation and hijacking. The announced cookie conversion timeframe is thirty days. I dump my cookies every week, for several reasons. Others do the same. Does this mean that I CANNOT use the new PPA option?

And, we have no way to confirm that a conversion actually occurred or not. Only the advertiser knows this, and each advertiser may or MAY NOT be honest. Future forum reports will make or break this new alternative, in the next few months.


1. Adsense Channels


AdSense Referrals - 1449 Channel Summary
(PPA Program cancelled August 31, 2008)

Custom Channels

- by page
- by placement

Paste channel code into each page manually.


URL Channels

Track Channel groups
- by single page
- by multiple pages
- by specific directory
- by specific sub domain
- all pages on a domain

Automatic, once set up

2. AdWords Ad Targeting (PPA)

Jensense on PPA)

March 20, 2007 - PPA Beta began
August 31, 2008 - PPA Beta terminated

Pay Per Action Beta Test

This applies to the Content Network only.
PPA Site Placement - Text, Image, or Ad Link

Pay Per Action FAQs

"You can create text, image, or text link ads for your pay-per-action campaign."

Conversion Tracking

Campaign management - Conversion Tracking
A click implements a cookie - The conversion time frame is 30 days.

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This is NOT A Google, Inc. Site
I am not privy to any inside information.
This page consists of a compilation of public information, commonly available on the internet, at multiple sites, as well as public webmaster forums, and simple manual tests.
The opinions stated above are merely the personal opinions of the author.
Although the author makes every effort to verify the information on this page, no information on this page is guaranteed to be correct, and any data contained herein may be erroneous.
This information is subject to change, and may not be relevant when you read it.


출처 : http://www.vaughns-1-pagers.com/internet/adsense-targeting.htm


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