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news-media-images-article-28451-scarlett-johansson-naked-pictures-hacked-and-leaked-12.jpg EXIF Viewer소프트웨어Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh사진 크기598x447

When I was around 8-ish Mom told me that women are very different to men. I thought she meant they just sat down to pee but ScarJo’s nipple gracing the internet this morning tells me there’s more to women than my Mom was letting on.

Scarlet Johansson is making a hell of a fuss about this, sobbing that these naked pictures were hacked from her iPhone and then leaked online without so much as a by your leave. She says that the FBI are supposed to stop things like this happening to an actress especially while she’s shooting her new film in NYC.

I see her point, the Book of Choreographed Publicity Stunts files leaking naked pictures under ‘Things to remember before premieres’.

TMZ say that the collective of Anonymous bitches that hacked ScarJo’s phone have also hacked into the phones of Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba but clearly Not Blake Lively.

I don’t think the FBI need to investigate any of this mess since these pictures are clearly not the same ‘professional actress’ that refuses to go nude in her films because she doesn’t want her image being exploited, are they?

Oh but they are, it seems every actress is in rehearsal for a moment like this.

The NSFWs can be found >> here.

news-media-images-article-28451-scarlett-johansson-naked-pictures-hacked-and-leaked-11.jpg EXIF Viewer소프트웨어Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh사진 크기598x448


출처 : http://www.newsmediaimages.com/celebrity-article-28451-scarlett-johansson-naked-pictures-hacked-and-leaked/


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